Lionel Stapley

Lionel Stapley is an internationally recognised author, organisational consultant and psychodynamic and executive coach working with individuals, groups and organisations in both public and private sectors across the UK, Europe and South America.

He is also a commercially focused consultant, engaging with major public and private sector organisations at a senior level to help deliver their strategic objectives. He has a proven record of growing brand recognition and of successfully managing and developing the reputation of an international educational charity that seeks to encourage the reflective citizen.

Lionel is also a Chartered Fellow of both the CIPD and the CIM and a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO).


Professor of Organisation Coaching Birkbeck University of London. Appointed July 2014.

PhD - Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

MSc - (Organisation Development), Sheffield Hallam University

Organisational Consultancy

Lionel provides tailor-made consultancy services to help clients become more effective, not just by diagnostic work and help with implementing solutions in the short term but by transferring his skills, knowledge, ability and insights so that they are better equipped to diagnose their own problems and find solutions in the long term.

Drawing on over thirty years of academic and applied expertise, Lionel has developed his own unique knowledge and understanding of organisational culture which he applies to the process of consulting and coaching to help individuals, groups and organisations. He particularly uses this knowledge and understanding to achieve sustainable culture transformations. In addition, this understanding and knowledge of organisational culture is at the core of his organisational work, with an emphasis on implementation, enabling successful and sustainable change in all circumstances, including mergers and acquisitions without loss of revenue.

Lionel’s consultancy is guided by an experiential approach informed by group processes learning.

Lionel is the founder and Director of IGO Consultancy Services Ltd.

Executive Coaching

Lionel has been active as an Executive Coach and Psychodynamic Coach with individual clients for over twenty years, normally working with no more than four clients at a time. His coaching draws on psychodynamic principles, providing depth and insight by uncovering links between a client’s past and the present and using these as a foundation on which clients can build a desirable and realistic future.

Lionel also works with Chief Executives and other board directors, providing team coaching as part of whole-organisation consultancy interventions.

Group Dynamics

Lionel is recognised by his peers as among the leading group dynamics consultants in the world and consults to many international group relations learning events. His consultancy approach is also greatly influenced by his knowledge of group dynamics.

He has been a staff member and Director of many Group Relations conferences in the UK and other countries.

Lionel, with Jina Barrett, provides an intensive three-day 'Advanced Training in Small Group Processes' for six people only and by invitation only. It has been held three times a year since 2000, attracting an international membership. It is highly challenging but very rewarding and has an exceptionally high reputation from past graduates.

Dr Stapley was for ten years the Policy and Development Advisor to Wszechnica UJ (the Jagiellonian University Extension) in Krakow, Poland, until 2017. During this time he also Directed Group Relations Conferences organised by Wszechnica.

Dr Stapley is currently the Policy and Development Advisor to the Founders of Group Relations China; Yujia Zhang and Han Liu; and Directing Group Relations Conferences organised by Group Relations China.

Dr Stapley is also currently the Policy and Development Advisor to the Founders of Group Relations Russia; Irina Ponomarchuk and Evgeniya Koshergina; and Directing Group Relations Conferences organised by Group Relations Russia.

IGO Consultancy Services Ltd

Individual Services Include:

Group Services include:

Organisational Services include:

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Lionel is the former Director and Policy Adviser for OPUS - an Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society.

OPUS is an educational charity founded in 1975 to promote reflective citizenship and provide a psycho-social understanding of societal dynamics. OPUS undertakes consultancy, research, organises conferences and runs study groups (called ‘Listening Posts’) in over 35 countries around the world. Lionel was until 2016 Chair of the Editorial Management Committee of the OPUS Journal ‘Organisational & Social Dynamics’.

Lionel was Executive Director of OPUS from 1994 to 2014 during which time he became an authority on organisational and societal culture and wrote and presented many papers and workshops on this topic.

Lionel’s contribution to OPUS over this period included responsibility for strategic planning, marketing and brand strategy, financial oversight, management and leadership of volunteer teams, providing Board support for all aspects of the OPUS charitable activities, advising Board members on technical and policy issues and giving advice regarding the organisation’s systems psychodynamic orientation.

On standing down from the OPUS Board, Lionel was awarded a Fellowship of OPUS in recognition for his "valuable work for OPUS." He is one of only three current Fellows, reflecting the high standards associated with receiving this award.


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Career History

2014: Professor of Organisation Coaching Birkbeck University of London. Appointed July 2014.

2014 to 2016: Policy Adviser, Director, OPUS.

1994 to 2014: Executive Director and Company Secretary OPUS.

1994 onwards: Organisational Consultant, Executive Coach, Author

1962 to 1992: Metropolitan Police Service

Lionel served for 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, gaining exceptional experience as an operational leader in major investigations as well as holding important strategic and administrative roles.

In 1973, he was appointed as Head of the Met’s Crime Policy and Legislation Unit, servicing the needs of the Assistant Commissioner for Crime and other senior officers.

In 1979, he became Assistant to the Head of Internal Investigations, responsible for investigating serious complaints against police officers.

In 1983, he became Chief Superintendent in charge of Hackney & City Road Division, one of the four busiest Divisions in the Metropolitan Police area.

In 1987, he was appointed leader of the Met’s newly founded Management Resource Centre providing consultancy services to senior managers; and was also responsible for management development practice and theory.

From 1990 until his retirement in 1992, he was directly employed by the Assistant Commissioner Personnel, working on major personnel issues requiring in-depth research and implementation.


26 Fernhurst Rd, London, SW6 7JW

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